Naturally Sourced.
Artisanal & Hand-Crafted.
Predictably Unpredictable.

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Our Curated Collection

Our Mission Is Simple

To provide an elegant and high-end surfacing solution while allowing homeowners and design firms the advantage of specifying ready-to-install premium panels.

Chêne Noyer provides you with uniquely curated and artisanally crafted finishes for your next residential and commercial project. From start to finish each veneer is guided by human touch and artistry. Each log is carefully selected for color and grain which are then transformed from our premium grade American Walnut and European Oak veneers.

Wire-brushed with light and heavy texture Chêne Noyer offers you a whole new level of depth and detail to achieve a translucent stain and lavish multicolored ceruse finish. The result is a rich tactile high-end veneer panel.

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